Eva Tantric Massage London


Aqua massage


This therapy is actually a type of massage which can be made to improve intimacy among individuals. It is any touch-based therapy that involves contact with the genitals.

Traditionally, it was meant to be a relaxing service for stress relief. In aqua massage, the Eva Tantric Massage London masseuse uses massage oil in the water, knead, and stroke pleasurable parts of the other’s partner’s body.

This intimate adult massage is normally performed in a very specific atmosphere, while candles, music and special oil are part of the romantic sensation. This is not a soapy massage.


Body to body massage


The word “erotic” stems from the name of the Greek god of love, Eros. At Eva Tantric Massage London, we return to the sensual roots of the word through the intimate, stimulating practice of the ancient art of massage.

Skilled at therapeutic massage and trained equally in the art of manifesting pleasure, she will combine her myriad of talents with her charming personality to whisk you off into a world of heady experiences and sensations that you did not imagine possible. We also offer outcall massage in London.


Bodystocking massage


Surrender to your horny pretty little professional. Fix your Oedipus complex by having naturist massage in London ! You will immediately receive enough special attention to make your trip unforgettable.

A tailor-made service for all those who wish to feel unique and pampered ! This is the innocent nurse. Mouth-watering delicacies presented on her enticing contours. Get ready for your incall or outcall massage at Eva Tantric Massage London. A much more sensual massage than the classic nude massage, it is soft, relaxing, and warm.

During the massage the practitioner will remain attentive to your needs and your desires. The movements of the body are slower and softer during exchanges in the most total intimacy, always in mutual respect, with sensuality being privileged throughout the massage session. This is the strawberry.



Couple massage


The perfect opportunity to bond with your significant other, the couple massage means two Eva Tantric Massage London masseuses, two very lucky clients sharing the opportunity to bond on a whole new level.

Our experts in the art of putting clients minds at ease with their open, relaxed demeanor as their talented hands work their magic on their bodies. This makes the perfect way to introduce your partner to the unique pleasures that are to be had through this time-tested and proven method of relaxation and release.

Also, watching your partner’s body being treated with sensuous care and alluring expertise by a delectable masseuse, as they watch the same on you creates an atmosphere ripe with ample possibilities.

The couple massage is the ideal way to experience naked massage as the gateway to a night of passion and discovery.


Domination massage


The wonderful thing about massage is that there is virtually no limit to the number of forms that it can take soft domination. How it can be adapted to the individual to deliver the best experience for them.

If domination, either on the giving or receiving end, is your thing, an Eva Tantric Massage London masseuse can help you create a experience that you will never forget.

Our service massage therapy for man includes domination by a girl of your choice. If you have been harboring fantasies of being dominated, this is the chance to make it come true in the most confidential way. Being in control all the time can get very boring.

Let one of our delectable beauties show you what lies on the other side of the mirror. No matter where we are from, we are all the same inside. That means that the same deep, dark domination desires that you hold within you are shared with people from across the world.


Erotic massage


An erotic massage by an Eva Tantric Massage London masseuse is an experience not simply for the flesh, but one that fuses the senses as one, stimulating and teasing them both individually and together through an immensely pleasurable journey of peaks and troughs to a heavenly crescendo.

This will leave you floating on air. It awakens the senses and activates whole-body healing. It allows you to explore pleasure in new and creative ways. It uses eye contact, connected breathing and touch to enhance intimacy. It creates conscious connection between the giver and the receiver.

It uses breath, sound and movement to awaken the full-body orgasm. It melts away the illusion of separation and allows oneness to emerge. It is a wonderful prelude to orgasmic sex. We also offer outcall massage in London.



Foot massage


Treat or trick ? Treat yourself and your body to the experienced touch of one of our stunning Eva Tantric Massage London masseuses, and let her indulge your passion for her elegant feet, bewitching ankles and toes.

Experience the most sensual foot massage London has to offer. The delicate music can be supplied as the right catalyst to have you while in the mood to get the most erotic foot massage.


Four hands massage


When it is time to indulge, why not go all the way with 4 hand massage ? That is what we believe here at Eva Tantric Massage London. We think that the perfect way for you to really give yourself a treat is to double the number of hands running across your body.

This exercise in pure indulgence is the sensual pairing a wide variety of dazzling masseuses to test the limits of your capacity for sensory titillation. If you have ever had a nude massage of any kind at us, we don’t need to convince you of the quality of service that we have always strive to maintain and deliver.

If you believe you can withstand double or triple the sensations, sights, sounds and waves of ecstasy that you experienced with just one of our talented professionals, this is the perfect opportunity to reach new heights of gratification.


Girlfriend experience massage


This might include activities such as kissing, holding hands, talking, or being discrete touched. Generally, any activity that one might engage in with a significant other is on the table.

Clients that opt for this type of service, typically, are more in want of the companionship of the other person. The focus is more on the interpersonal connection.

With the girlfriend experience, the adult massage is more intimate and more personal than a typical sexual experience. The male equivalent is referred to as the boyfriend experience (BFE). Not only man can apply for this naked massage, women are welcome too. Specially the ones in love with other women, very similar with yoni massage and mutual massage, just with a bit more sensual and intimate.



Lingam massage


A lingam massage is a type of massage that primarily focuses on the male genitalia, externally. One sensual massage at Eva Tantric Massage London is to awaken a form of divine energy said to be located at the base of the spine.

A concept where it was seen as a force or power associated with the divine feminine which when cultivated and awakened through practice, could lead to spiritual liberation.


Massage and party


Chosen for their sultry looks and charming demeanor, Eva Tantric Massage London masseuses are not just experts at the art of sensuous massage, but multi-talented, fascinating creatures you have to know to fully appreciate.

We now are allowing you to the opportunity to do exactly that. After repeated requests from our clients, we are now proud to introduce the massage and a party with the masseuses package !

Make a choice of two or more of our delectable ladies and party the night away in an authentic interaction that just might leave you with lifelong memories.

Whereas with just a sexy massage you get to experience just one of the many talents they possess, a party is where these talented ladies really let their hair down and reveal themselves.

Discover the woman behind the hands that work magic and you will find a young, fresh mind open to ideas and an engaging personality that will captivate and mesmerize you. And the thing with parties is who knows where they might lead.


Massage and dinner date


Eva Tantric Massage London is not just a business. We are purveyors of happiness and merchants of dreams and fantasies. Our masseuses are not simply ladies who work for us but amazing individuals whom we respect and admire for their dedication, talents and unique abilities.

Of course, the fact that these ladies also happen to be exceedingly beautiful, intelligent, articulate and bursting with positivity also makes them one other, special thing, the perfect date.

Our masseuse is the ultimate combination of both worlds. After the electrifying and potent exhilaration of a sensual massage by one of these talented masseuses, you will now have the golden opportunity to discover more intimately the person behind the hands that work that magic.

Forget overcrowded clubs and bars and the anxiety of concerns about health that they entail. Welcome to the fun with a safe happy end experience.



Mutual massage


Choosing us for a mutual massage experience really is a great choice, it is a mix between ying and yang and something that we are sure you will want to do again.

You will be taught how to perform some deep body to body massage strokes taking you to the height of pleasure but in a very controlled and sensual fashion.

The Eva Tantric Massage London session really will leave you feeling like you are on cloud nine and if this is something that interests you then make sure you get in touch with our superb receptions for an unforgettable mutual massage which are offered as both and incall and outcall service in the London area with happy ending.


Oriental massage


An erotic belly dancing massage is a dance that provides erotic entertainment and whose objective is the stimulation of erotic or sexual thoughts or actions in viewers.

Erotic dance is one of several major dance categories based on purpose.


Prostate massage


The idea of having a prostate massage can seem a bit unconventional for some people. But it is practiced for its sexual stimulation. The prostate is considered as the male G point, internally.

We are inviting you to discover this sensual experience that is know to some and unknown of some at Eva Tantric Massage London.



Tantric massage


“Tantra” is an ancient Hindu word that means “woven together”. It refers to the esoteric knowledge of the channels of divine energy that course through the body and whose flow is interwoven with the physical manifestations of body pleasure.

An Eva Tantric Massage London masseuse is a sight to behold, a visual indulgence holding the promise of pleasure yet to come. Her every movement oozes with the sensuality that her knowledge has imparted to the very essence of her soul.

Her skills lie not only in her hands, but infuse every inch of her silky-smooth flesh, yearning to share their secrets with you.

Don’t approach an the sensual massage as simply a physical interaction with happy ending but as a holistic, almost spiritual experience. It’s ancient techniques will coax from within you an awakening of your natural healing powers and energy chakras that will leave you rejuvenated and re-energized, fully aware of the stronger stamina and staying power you possess.


Tie and tease massage


This type of sexy massage could easily take part of a domination massage category, just the difference is, how far ? Our professional ladies use their hands to touch you and to get you to lose control. As light touch tickling a guy and pushing him over the edge, do you like receiving ?

How long do you last against this onslaught of the finger pads and maybe with some sane restraints. If you’d like to do this, hit me up and I’m ok to pay for the trouble.


Nuru massage


An experience that has become the object of intense fascination right across the world for its visual imagery as much as its exquisite sensations, the nuru massage has gained immense popularity since it was popularized fairly recently.

The gel is made of an all-natural substance extracted from the nori seaweed used in sushi, and the word “nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese.

Very appropriately, for slippery is the essence of the nuru massage. The sight of your ravishing Eva Tantric Massage London masseuse, her body glistening with the alluring sheen of cool nuru gel is in itself an experience worthy of an audience.

Watch as her every curve is accented by slivers of light bouncing off the nuru gel that envelops each inch of her intoxicating form.

Savor the excruciatingly pleasure as her talented hands spread the cool gel over you. All that is left will be for her to slide her body on top of yours. This is not a soapy massage.



Yoni massage


Yoni is the “Sanskrit” word for the female genitals. Our yoni technique is a medicine from real life, is a sexual massage practice for awakening and enhancing women’s innate sensual, emotional, and spiritual energies.

It comes from the word “sense” and refers to earthly desires, the appetite of the body and of the mind for gratification. True to the meaning of the word, an Eva Tantric Massage London massage is a combination of all things pleasurable to the senses and the mind.

We start with the eyes, and yours will feast upon alluring beauties from exotic lands, their flawless skin and flowing hair. Their smile is a prelude to a musical, tinkling voice that holds more promises than just the words they speak.

As they approach, a delicate scent will tease your sense of smell for it, is a combination of perfume the masseuses wears on, for you and her own, natural fragrance.

The sense of touch is where the experience culminates because it is with their hands and body that the masseuse is most gifted. Perhaps, if you are good, you might even get to indulge your sense of taste.