Nuru Massage

Get Nuru Massage in London at Eva Tantric Massage London

Nuru Massage London is intimate, sensual and arousing massage therapy widely used to balance and soothe your energies and physical needs. In the last few years, Nuru massage London has gained popularity because, with time, people have become well aware of its benefits. Originated as traditional Japanese art, the therapist uses seaweed gel in this massage, also known as Nuru gel. It is odourless, colourless and tasteless with a slippery and intriguingly soft texture. As this gel is soaked down by the cells of your skin, it will replenish and rejuvenate your body layer by layer. If you want fresh, glowing and young skin, this treatment is just for you. We offer Nuru Massage services at Eva Tantric Massage London at accessible rates. In this massage, our masseuses use their entire body and acquired skills to relax, rejuvenate and stimulate when performing a sensual journey for your ultimate delight. It is a full body massage, where our masseuses cover her stomach and upper body, mainly breasts, with Nuru oil and slowly guide her body rhythmically up and down from your spine to your head. It will make you feel that you two are one entity.


Get Nuru Massage to recharge your body with the ultimate source of energy.

During Nuru massage, our massage therapist works on your body and activates all chakras; you feel like you are charged with abundant energy, rippling up and down to your body; it is known as kundalini energy. All your senses will become alive, and you feel tickly with every tantalising sensation. Nuru massage activates the pressure points present in our body and increases the blood flow. During your first session, you may feel like your body will melt down and lose its sense of dimension and time. All your muscles and joints are relaxed, and any aches or pains you had before will more feel like a passing memory.



Improved sleep adds a creative flow of energy, thus enabling you to make effective and transparent decisions. That’s why when you take this service from us; you will experience a knock-on effect on your relationships, financial goals and hobbies. You will find yourself more confident and patient in your actions.


Intimacy is the key to Nuru massage.

At Eva Tantric Massage London, we feel intimacy increases happiness in our client’s life and allows you to experience something you have never done before. Our masseuses help in emulating the feeling of passion, love, affection, and intimacy that gives everyone a sense of completeness in life.

Our masseuses help clients in accomplishing their wild passion by stimulating erotic sensations. We strongly believe sexually frustrated people are not happy people; they can be very grumpy, thus creating misery and tension in the home. Please don’t become one of them who drag everyone down with them in their dull lives. Instead of this, get Nuru Massage London today and feel light and bright, that everyone loves to be around.


After completing one session with us, you will experience a significant change in your personality. You will feel renewed and full of energy, ready to take this world. You can reach us at a call or WhatsApp at 07848 402 403